Release Notes for May 2018



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    Blake Cohen


    2.96s of Denali for Salesforce includes a number of security upgrades to align with SFDC's  recent updates. One of these upgrades had an unintended consequence impacting the DS InstaQueue feature when trying to queue up records from a list view. The net effect is that attempting to add records from a list view is not currently possible. However, adding individual records from the record detail is still working normally, and the Enterprise version of Denali for Salesforce is not impacted.

    For clients who rely heavily on DS InstaQueue from list views, we recommend remaining with version 2.94s until our dev team is able to address this. For clients who do not currently use this function, there should be no issue updating to version 2.96s.

    We're currently working to address this and updates will be posted here as they become available.

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